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Shaolin Chi Mantis

Each of the 4 Tours reveals a different theme of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu.

Membership APPLICATION of Buddha Kung Fu

Spiritual development requires exercise.
Spiritual strength requires spiritual knowledge.
Spiritual path is Buddha Kung Fu.

Welcome to Buddha Kung Fu.

Do your best and we will be proud of you. Work to improve and we will work to support you.

Make checks payable to: Shaolin Communications

First, get your BUDDHA KUNG FU STUDENT MANUAL by Buddha Zhen.

Enrollment forms are inside your Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual.

Second, enroll at the BKF "membership" webpage.

Select the class, program or group of programs you'd like to take.
If possible go for the "UNLIMITED."

If you are a family or want to check out the rest of our special offers visit ONLINE DISCOUNTS.

Third, get a sash, and Kung Fu uniform:

The best tennis shoes are your best Kung Fu shoes. Always wear socks.

Now get to class.



Americans can be Buddhas
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Music for Kung Fu and Push Hands
Tai Chi Magic 1
by Buddha Zhen


Online Kung Fu and Tai Chi Lessons
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