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Buddha Zhen teaching at YMCABuddha Zhen Shen-Lang "Spirit Wolf of Truth

Buddha Zhen 818-723-2769

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Buddha Kung Fu was founded by Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang in January 1, 2008 with the publication of the book, Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual. This book contains all the exercises and requirements for the 10 belt rank levels of Buddha Kung Fu.

You start with a white sash. Obtain your Chinese Kung Fu uniform, any color, and join us in tennis shoes, never bare foot. Buddha Kung Fu is taught in 4-month semesters, so it is possible to get three belt rank advancements each year.

Buddha Zhen kicking his discipleNo sparring allowed in Buddha Kung Fu. We teach every dirty trick invented by the Shaolin Monks and never teach our students sparring rules. We do Push Hands Competitions and choreographed Kung Fu routines... but never free sparring in class or tournaments. This enables girls to excel in our classes and boys to avoid bone breaks. Kung Fu is a way of life--and hurting people and being hurt is not the Kung Fu path... despite what you see in the movies.

Join us to live an active, healthy, energetic lifestyle of peace and tranquility while you learn how to kick ass. (We do a lot of kicking!)

News Events of Buddha Zhen

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Chinese Yoga launched.
June 2016 flyer for Chinese Yoga™ launch


Chinese Yoga™ in the Park

Buddha Zhen has created a one-year, three semester, three level yoga curriculum for women. This fast-paced yoga has a half-dozen positions in common with most yoga styles. The additional dozens of stretches are for ensuring a complete body purification as stress is completely removed.

The SCM Yoga™ routine also includes a one-year qigong program that leads the student through their entire body for optimal health and mind-body balance.

Since it requires one entire year to master this Chinese Yoga™ routine, the Chinese Yoga™ certificate program can only be started after this one-year completion. The Chinese Yoga™ instructor program requires an additional year of training.

North Hollywood Park
Shaolin Chinese Yoga™ logo

Buddha Zhen in North Hollywood Park



Paperback book released.
Paperback Masonic Kung Fu book cover


Masonic Kung Fu - Book 1
Entered Apprentice

Paperback version of the book now available at

Get a copy and have your Shifu (the author) sign it.
book cover MASONIC KUNG FU



Kung Fu good for body, mind
and spirit.

Newspaper article about Kung Fu Bootcamp


12 Step 12 Week
Kung Fu Bootcamp

Interviewed during Shaolin Kung Fu class at the YMCA by Reporter Ruth, Buddha Zhen is revealed to be a hippie.

Photo is Disciple Jessica uprooting Buddha Zhen during Push Hands.

Valley Sun Newspaper

by Ruth Longoria



A New Workout for the Kids
Newspaper article about Kung Fu Bootcamp


A New Workout for the Kids

Renting a dance studio twice weekly, Buddha Zhen launches the TAI CHI KIDS program of Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth.

Photo is Buddha Zhen and son, Song-Dao.


The Foothills Newspaper

by Gabi Natividad
photo by Dalton Downey



Commerce Street Faire
Newspaper article about Kung Fu Bootcamp


Tai Chi Youth / Buddha Zhen

First, Buddha Zhen performed the ROCK HORSE Kung Fu Form with his son, Zhen Song-Dao.

Changing into his white Kung Fu robe, Buddha Zhen performed solo flute for a standing ovation.

Photo is Buddha Zhen performing solo flute at the Commerce Street Faire, Tujunga, California.


Tai Chi Youth Demo Team featuring Master Zhen and Zhen Song-Dao

photo by Disciple Paul Dunham



Utah Asian Festival
Newspaper article about Kung Fu Bootcamp


Tai Chi Youth Demo Team

With a dozen students performing onstage, Buddha Zhen provided the Asian festival with traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Changing into his white Kung Fu robe, Buddha Zhen performed solo flute for a standing ovation.

Photo is Buddha Zhen leading the entire stadium of people, including the vendors in their booths, through the ancient qigong breathing exercise known as "8 Brocade" or "Silkweaver's 8 Brocade."


Tai Chi Youth Demo Team featuring Master Zhen and Zhen Ming-Mou

photo by Chinese Times newspapers

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