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Support Buddha Kung Fu

Erin G. was instrumental in the founding of Buddha Kung Fu.

Erin helped created Buddha Kung Fu in 2007.

Buddha Kung Fu is a sole proprietorship of Richard Del Connor / Buddha Zhen. Our BKF students support the organization with their monthly tuitions, belt test fees, and annual membership fees. According to our banker, we need 75 students to pay rent and utilities for a small strip mall space only 25 feet wide.

Your support of Buddha Kung Fu is essential until we reach a student level of 75 students. Enjoy your purchases of books, music, and classes... You are feeding our school.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to Tai Chi Youth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization. Supporting the Tai Chi Youth demo team will help Buddha Kung Fu since we share everything.

Donations of any amount to Buddha Kung Fu are accepted at PAYPAL:
PayPal Business name: Shaolin Communications

Purchase our products to support Buddha Kung Fu

Books and Music
Group Classes
Private Lessons

Internet Support

Buddha Kung Fu Stupa LogoBuddha Kung Fu is owned and operated by Richard Del Connor, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang.

Students and parents are encouraged to "contribute" to our events with your labor, foods, and volunteering. Money donations are appreciated, and may be tax deductible as an education expense or self-defense expense associated with your business.

Money can be sent to BUDDHA KUNG FU using paypal:
Buddha Kung Fu PAYPAL BUSINESS NAME: Shaolin Communications
Buddha Kung Fu PAYPAL EMAIL:  

Donate to Tai Chi Youth

Donations to TAI CHI YOUTH, a nonprofit education organization founded by Richard Del Connor, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, does provide tax benefits for donations as a 501(c)(3) charity.

Tai Chi Youth PAYPAL BUSINESS NAME: Tai Chi Youth
Tai Chi Youth PAYPAL EMAIL:  

Contact Richard Del Connor for more information. 818-723-2769


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