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Buddha Kung Fu Clothing is Chinese Kung Fu Uniforms

Buddha Zhen teaching at YMCABZ and Ming at YMCA Tai Chi class 2003.

Just like you see in the Kung Fu movies. Loose black baggy pants, a sash to hold your pants up, a workout t-shirt, and a Kung Fu jacket with frog buttons.

We also wear tennis shoes to every class the entire workout, never barefoot. Any shoe that is good for playing tennis is good for Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

We do not wear a "gi," pronounced, "gee," because that is a Japanese word for a Japanese Karate uniform. Karate was invented after WWI. The Chinese were wearing Kung Fu clothing long before that. We just call it a, "uniform," although it really is Chinese peasant clothing. Go to Chinatown and get a Kung Fu uniform in any color you like.

Our Buddha Kung Fu t-shirts and push hands shirts are available online. Your pride in our Buddha Kung Fu school strengthens us.

Buddha Kung Fu class clothing:

tennis shoes - any color
socks - required clean daily
underwear - athletic styles
pants - Kung Fu pants, or plain cotton pants
     NO: pictures, logos, slogans, unapproved graphics
     (discuss with your Shifu)
sash - always wear your appropriate level sash in class
workout shirt -
jacket - Kung Fu jacket with frog buttons
     NO: pictures, logos, buttons, unapproved graphics
     (discuss with your Shifu)







Buddha Kung Fu BLACK CAP   Official Buddha Kung Fu Push Hands Competition shirt   Buddha Kung Fu Official T-Shirt
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