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BKF Demo Team

Demo Team of Buddha Kung Fu

Tai Chi Youth and Buddha Kung Fu demo teams for 2007 paradeThe Shaolin Chi Mantis Demo Team started everything in 1993 with Buddha Zhen and his daughter, Zhen Ming-Mou, performing for Chinese New Year events, and the Chinese Senior Center, where Buddha Zhen would also perform traditional Chinese music on flute and pipa.

Buddha Zhen became an "honorary Chinese citizen," and was given the name, Zhen Shen-Lang, "Spirit Wolf of Truth." The Salt Lake City Mayor and Chief of Police were always anxious to shake Buddha Zhen's hand at public events and benefits.

The Shaolin Chi Mantis Demo Team evolved into the Tai Chi Youth Demo Team in 1996. This was the demo team of Buddha Zhen until Buddha Kung Fu was formed in 2008.

All three schools can have demo teams at the same time, but we are planning to relaunch the TCY Demo Team as soon as Buddha Zhen decides where he will be living. The TCY Demo Team can obtain government grants and art council sponsorships...

album cover Tai Chi Magic 1 by Buddha ZhenTai Chi Magic 1

by Buddha Zhen

Kung Fu music
Tai Chi music
Zen Meditation music



Buddha Zhen receives Patriarch Sash from disciples of Shaolin Chi MantisSupport our Demo Teams

Uniforms, instruments, weapons...

When the Tai Chi Youth Demo Team would perform a state fair, we would need drivers to the gig. The performers would all need good looking uniforms. We would need some water and snacks for the team, then usually a meal after the performance--if we weren't treated by the host or organization we were performing for.

During the performances, we need students to guard our clothing and belongs backstage. We need students to hand out flyers. We need a photographer, a videographer, and usually prefer to have our own soundperson to handle the PA System or guide the sound engineer to the appropriate songs on our CD...

Call Buddha Zhen to discuss how you can be involved or help the team.

Buddha Zhen 818-723-2769


Buddha Kung Fu and Tai Chi Youth perform Tujunga 4th of July ParadeDemo Team Performances

Current BKF Demo Team Show:

We'll update this page with a new performance routine and video.

Buddha Zhen has started a new crop of students in North Hollywood.

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