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August 2010

August is Tai Chi Seminars Month

Buddha Kung Fu, "The school for making Buddhas™,"
was founded in 2008 by Buddha Zhen, using the Northern Shaoiin and Yang Tai Chi curriculums of
his Shaolin Chi Mantis traditional Buddhist Gongfu school.

BKF_eNEWS August 2010
Official newsletter of Buddha Kung Fu

Press Page at

At the bottom of each webpage is a link titled, "Press."

This month's uploaded flyer is our full-size "Tournament Tai Chi" flyer.

I like this flyer--but it doesn't seem to be attracting attention the way I'd like.

I posted them the past couple months outside local schools and high schools, but received minimal response.

Perhaps this would be good for distributing AT TOURNAMENTS, but for the past three years, not one of our students has attended a tournament, besides our own.

Tournaments are very significant to Karate schools. One of my friends and "Dojo Mentors" in Salt Lake City, Utah gave me many insights and techniques as to how they promote and profit from these tournaments.

Our current and past students of the last decade here in Los Angeles have been unmotivated to attend tournaments. This may be partly my fault since I am not attending or judging in tournaments as I did in Utah.

Every Karate school in Utah knew who I was because of my tournament attendance. They also resented my daughter's attendance, Zhen Ming-Mou, because she almost always took 1st place in the events she competed in.

My only other Utah student who competed was Bo Jie-Ming. He took 1st place in every event for two years. So I know our Kung Fu is good, and that I'm a good coach because these trophies were in Karate tournaments where they didn't really appreciate us as much as Kung Fu tournaments do. There are prejudices between martial arts styles. There are also prejudices and feuds between martial arts schools.

There are politics in tournaments also. Since tournaments have a priority to make money, there are awards they offer to schools who get more of their students to attend the tournament. We are far from that award.

There are tournament competition requirements to receive belt rank advancements in Buddha Kung Fu. It does not matter what your score is. It only matters that you compete with whatever Kung Fu form is specified for that particular belt rank you seek.

REMEMBER: when you are at a martial arts tournament that you are a representative of Buddha Kung Fu. How you act, walk, and talk is a reflection of our school. Behave yourself. If you make friends and want to party... do that outside of the tournament event, on a different date. Even after the tournament, you are still representing the school, so behave yourself.

Drinking liquor should be avoided beyond ONE BEER to be social. Preferably, have a Chinese Green Tea or coffee. What did the ORIGINAL BUDDHA say about drinking? He said, "Drink as much as you balance on a blade of grass."

Buddha Kung Fu PRESS PAGE: ("Tournament Tai Chi" flyer)


1. -- Buddha Kung Fu EVENTS --

August is Tai Chi SEMINARS MONTH

These seminars will be offered during our scheduled class times so that current students don't have to pay additional fees.

Weekend #1: Combat Taiji
        Self-defense techniques based upon the Tai Chi Form.

Weekend #2: Weapon Tai Chi / Staff Tai Chi
        Learn how to adapt the Tai Chi Short Form to various weapons.

Weekend #3: Taijiquan Qigong
        Utilising the Tai Chi Short Form for Qigong.

Weekend #4: Tournament Tai Chi
        How to score better in Tournaments with the Tai Chi Short Form.

Tai Chi SEMINARS of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Hosted by Buddha Kung Fu:


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2. -- HOMEPAGE of Buddha Kung Fu --

Online Lessons BEGIN at

I've tested the lessons on Disciple Shawn. He says we're ready to go.


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3. -- Online Kung Fu and Tai Chi --

Private Lessons with Buddha Zhen

I was going to send you to my PRIVATE LESSONS page

But I made some more PayPal buttons instead.

I double-checked them. I took off the sales tax and shipping charges...

Give it a try. Buy a private lesson.


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4. -- Buddha Kung Fu DEMO TEAM --

SCM Bagua Staff Drill Completed

We thought we were done, two years ago.

Then, when we lost Barry, Erin, and Paul, I had to teach it to the next two Disciples in line, Jessica Isaacs, and Shawn Whitson. I realized I wasn't satisfied with our updated variation of this simple Staff Drill.

The last change was where we change our grips at the beginning of each run.


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5. -- BOOKS of Buddha Kung Fu --

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner BOOK by Buddha Zhen


Disciple Shawn and I went to the storage locker in Santa Clarita--we couldn't find my MASTER of the Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner book.

This book is required reading, and I need to get it printed, or available online.

Buddha Kung Fu BOOKS:

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6. -- MUSIC of Buddha Kung Fu --

"Flintride Fire" Song for Demo Team

This is a really good song for our demo team with a unique style: SPANISH CLASSICAL MUSIC.

This song is an instrumental with absolutely no electrical instruments. It is comprised of finger snaps, hand claps, tamrourines, and acoustic guitars.

Who wants to develop a demo with this song?

American Zen's 4th ALBUM WEBSITE: (Has individual song downloads)
LEVEL 1 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1: King Solomon's Temple

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7. -- STUFF of Buddha Kung Fu --

Shaolin Chi Mantis Store at

We have several different stores at This allows us to offer different products without paying the fees of having all the products on website there.

Shaolin Chi Mantis clothing and Tai Chi Youth clothing are acceptible for Buddha Kung Fu classes? I discouraged them in the past, so that students would promote Buddha Kung Fu. What do you think?

Buddha Kung Fu at

Shaolin Chi Mantis at

Tai Chi clothing at

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8. -- Buddhism NEWS --

Buddhist Path of American Zen

Since American Zen is on its 4th LEVEL of Shaolin Zen Buddhism, it will take you a while to catch up. So let's get started.

The MAIN WEBSITE of American Zen is (".ORG)

Go to the homepage of American Zen:

Currently there is a huge main page to give you a complete understanding of where American Zen has been, is, and is going... I may move this to another webpage and call it "GENERAL INFORMATION." If I do, read this page first. It gives a good overall summary of American Zen and the Buddhist Spiritual Journey of American Zen / The Hippy Coyote.

On the right side of the page are links to the various sections of American Zen.

Take your time and study one LEVEL at a time. Obviously, start at LEVEL 1.

To travel the webpages of all American Zen LEVELS, you have to scroll down to the bottom of that page's text and find the "NEXT PAGE BUTTON." That's the only way to travel the website. If you've already read some pages, you'll still have to start at the beginning of that section and find the "NEXT PAGE / FORWARD BUTTON" until you get to where you left off. Each American Zen website LEVEL is divided up into sections. But you must travel through each section using the "FORWARD BUTTONS."

If you start at the "ENTRANCE" page of the LEVEL 1 and keep clicking the "FORWARD" buttons... you will eventually see every page of LEVEL 1 and end up back at the "ENTRANCE" webpage.

Alright. Go travel LEVEL 1 website section of


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9. -- KUNG FU News --

Summer Push Hands Tournament Seminars

Although we've got some new students who are excited about the Push Hands tournament...we need more students of more experience.

Our goal is to promote Push Hands Tournaments by offering more SEMINARS in OTHER KUNG FU and TAI CHI schools.

Plus, the more people in our Push Hands Tournment, the more divisions we can create. This makes it fairer.

Let's practice our Tournament Seminars with a perspective of offering this seminar at other martial arts schools.


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10. -- TAI CHI News --

Tai Chi Horse Whip

A women's equestrian organization almost booked Buddha Zhen for an annual event of 200 horse whippers.

Evidently, some women had been accosted by Mexican aliens living in the country where these women sometimes ride their horses.

Officer Bob, cancelled on their event. He was going to show them some self-defense techniques.

After some conversing, we decided that an excellent program would be:

1. Teach them some of the STANDING STRETCH of SCM, so they can stretch outdoors wherevere they are.

2. Teach them some basic KICKING TECHNIQUES, appropriate for their boots.

3. How to use the HORSE WHIP

LECTURES and WORKSHOPS with Buddha Zhen:

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11. -- Podcasts, Radio Shows, and Television Interviews of BUDDHA ZHEN --

Tournament Videotaping

Disciple Tony's friend, Lioness, stopped by and we spoke of the ways and angles to shoot.

She agreed that the Park location would be suitable. Due to using outdoor lighting we will be restricted to only a couple hours of shooting each day.

We also spoke of what it would cost...

She won't have the time of inclination to put in the many many hours of videotaping and editing for free. Even one of our 66 videos is a major project.

In order to schedule her for three months of shooting, just on weekends, we need to have a budget to secure her commitment.

I'll start working up some costs... but where is this money going to come from?

66 Videos of

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