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October 2010

October is Shaolin Zen Seminar Month

Buddha Kung Fu, "The school for making Buddhas™,"
was founded in 2008 by Buddha Zhen, using the Northern Shaoiin and Yang Tai Chi curriculums of
his Shaolin Chi Mantis traditional Buddhist Gongfu school.

BKF_eNEWS October 2010
Official newsletter of Buddha Kung Fu

Press Page at

At the bottom of each webpage is a link titled, "Press."

This month's uploaded flyer is our recent "Tournament Flyer" flyer.

Since we've had so few contestants I created this minimum division system: S / M / L / XL

This first flyer made it appear that each age group was one of the divisions above, so I created the next flyer above it which hopefully makes it easier to understand: The divisions exist WITHIN EACH age group.

So within each age group we can separate contestants by weight. The more contestants there are the more people will be grouped and compete with similar weighted persons.

I haven't broken down the weight divisions yet. We'll just "eyeball" them for now, but we will need to be specific in the future to be more professional and consistent.

When my Masonic Brother, Worshipful David Rush "The Kung Fu Panda," took last year's tournament, it was mostly due to his size. He did attend the pretournament seminars though, so he knew some Push Hands techniques.

When we had lots of contestants in our Utah tournaments, we would have a GRAND CHAMPION contest. This was mostly for fun. Little kids against adults... The first place champions would all compete. Although this is unfair in Push Hands, it was interesting to give the 1st place kids a chance to compete against 1st place adults in the Tai Chi form and other Kung Fu forms and weapons.

Look at the both the Tournament flyers. I'm sure you'll agree the upper one is an improvement.

Also, take note of our early slogan. I think Disciple Erin may have come up with this one, but we haven't used it sence. What do you think of it? "Evolve your body, mind and spirit.™"

Buddha Kung Fu PRESS PAGE: ("Tai Chi Push Hands Tournament" flyer)

1. -- Buddha Kung Fu EVENTS --

SCM, BKF, TCY Annual Chinese Gongfu & Taijiquan Tournament

First weekend of November:   PUSH HANDS SEMINAR

Second weekend of November:   FREE Judging Seminar / Demo Tournament

Third weekend of September:   ANNUAL SCM, BKF, TCY Gongfu & Taijiquan Tournament

Fourth weekend of September:   SCM, BKF, TCY Annual Membership Meeting

This Push Hands Tournament is optional but fun (if we have time and contestants for it).

This tournament has also been used to satisfy the "TOURNAMENT" requirements of many students who need them for their belt tests. My compassion has outweighed my business logic here. As mentioned in previous newsletters, we need students to go to tournaments just for the promotion of Buddha Kung Fu.

Students competing in other tournaments promotes our school. This is important. Make the effort.

If you need TWO TOURNAMENT competitions to satisfy your belt test approvals, you can only obtain one of them in any tournament, even ours.

Originally, I felt the need to provide a Push Hands tournament because there wasn't any in Utah. Now that they are becoming more accessible and plentiful, should we NOT ALLOW students to gain credit in our own tournaments? Tell me what you think.

Buddha Kung Fu Tournaments:

Buddha Kung Fu Push Hands Tournaments:

Buddha Kung Fu Push Hands Seminars:

Shaolin Chi Mantis Push Hands Rules:

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2. -- HOMEPAGE of Buddha Kung Fu --

Online Lessons BEGIN at

Inexpensive (Cheap) Kung Fu and Tai Chi LESSONS

1. Call and reserve a class time: 818-723-2769

2. Pay using PayPal to SHAOLIN COMMUNICATIONS       

25.00 Private Lesson   (25 minutes)

10.00 Group Lesson   (25 minutes)

Group lessons will be cheap at $10 per class.

Private one-on-one lessons will be $25 per class.

TUESDAYS:   10:00am to 5pm     Tai Chi Youth classes and Belt Ranking

WEDNESDAYS: 10:00am to 5pm     Buddha Kung Fu classes and Belt Ranking


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3. -- Online Kung Fu and Tai Chi --

Private Lessons with Buddha Zhen

I'm really excited that students worldwide can now study with me.

1. CALL ME to reserve a class time.  818-723-2769

2. Select payment option and correct amount.  (Use link below.)


4. Login early and make sure you're ready for your lessons. There is ONE "water break" per half hour. (Each 1/2-hour lesson is 25 minutes.)

These are fun sessions. I should advertise more as a "Life Coach," because I do enjoy counseling and helping students improve their overall lives.

Use these private lessons for your bookwork if you are in a hurry to get your requirements for a Belt Test. There are lots of discounts available. Buying a bunch of private lessons makes them very inexpensive. There is no time limit as to when you use them. So buy lessons in "bulk" and save them for when you need them.

Remember not to schedule the lessons unless you are certain to be there (at your computer...). If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, you are paying for the lesson, even if you are not there. If the Shifu cancels the lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson you get an additional free lesson.


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4. -- Buddha Kung Fu DEMO TEAM --

BKF Demo Team ALWAYS Perform November

We have 3 performances next month in November:

1. The JUDGING SEMINAR / DEMO TOURNAMENT is our opportunity to be more informal, restart, get criticisms, and sometimes compete for a score from the judges who are practicing their judging.

2. SCM, BKF, TCY Annual Chinese Gongfu & Taijiquan Tournament is our biggest event of the year. I always invite the press, family, other schools, and Kung Fu Masters to attend. This is our most significant event that is open to all other Kung Fu and Tai Chi Schools to attend and compete at. It is our ONLY tournament each year that has forms, weapons, and other categories when possible.

3. The BKF, SCM, TCY Annual Membership Meeting, is our last graduation event of the year and the ONLY graduation that includes the SCM Buddhist Initiation which includes head shaving and traditional vows. The TCY Board of Trustees also meets and announces the new and continuing TCY Board Of Trustee Officers for the upcoming year. Then as big a party as we can afford with videos, performances, and lots of food.


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5. -- BOOKS of Buddha Kung Fu --

AUTUMN FLAVOURS poetry book by Coyote

This poetry book represents Richard Del Connor's early concept that life is not measured in years, but in seasons. AUTUMN = LEVEL 1 season.

I'm mentioning this book to point out the LEVEL 1 concepts in a different manner. As you travel with The Hippy Coyote of American Zen on his Buddhist Journey, you should check out these four poetry books of SEASON OF FOURS by Richard Del Connor (before he became Buddha Zhen or The Hippy Coyote).

This book is very spooky and dark, with ghosts, demons, witches, death, suicide, rape... NOT FOR MINORS. It's not really that bad, but I put that warning there to keep me out of trouble.

Plus, it represents Buddha Zhen as a teenager. This may inspire other teenagers to realize that even a Buddha has dark depressing events in their life. Richard left his parents at age 16, so he had a tough life and went through very difficult changes that most people will hopefully never have to endure.

Since this is Halloween month, this is the perfect time to check out the AUTUMN FLAVORS website and BOOK.

Autumn Flavours WEBSITE:

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6. -- MUSIC of Buddha Kung Fu --

Kung Fu Cowboy Album RELEASED

This is my BEST ALBUM ever.

This first batch is a collector's item.

I'll let the album speak for itself. Go listen to it.

"Kill the Spider" is where Hiram Abif is murdered in the rock opera story.

"Kung Fu Cowboy" has indians pretending to be coyotes...

LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1: King Solomon's Temple:

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7. -- STUFF of Buddha Kung Fu --

Buddha Kung Fu UNIFORMS

Look good for our Tournaments and Annual membership meeting.

You know what to wear.

If you really need me to go to Chinatown for you, you can order your uniform here, but I'm not guaranteeing how quickly I'll get there, and there are no shipping charges so I deliver them to you at class.

T-SHIRTS of Buddha Kung Fu:

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8. -- Buddhism NEWS --

Buddhist Path of American Zen LEVEL 2

So you've travelled all the LEVEL 1 webpages of American Zen. These really do summarize the state of the nation. The stories are partly from 1970 when Richard Del Connor was sent to Newfoundland to live with his Uncle, Dr. Richard E. Warner. The songs were written when Richard O'Connor moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1n 1991 to live with his wife and daughter. The webpages were constructed in 1999 and revised in 2005 for the release of the album, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND by American Zen.

Each one of these above events was a return to LEVEL 1.

LEVEL 2 is a rise above the SURVIVAL LEVEL by incorporating RELIGION. I would like to say spirituality, but at this level all the spirituality people encounter will be attached to a religion, so this level is really about religion.

This level will explain what "Christ Killer" is all about and why that name was chosen.

Go to the American Zen website, and travel through ALL the LEVEL 2 webpages.

Let's have American Zen discussions in class. I'd like some feedback and comment from readers. Plus, this spiritual journey is linked to Buddha Kung Fu since The Hippy Coyote is Buddha Zhen and the Buddhism of American Zen is the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple which BKF uses also.


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9. -- KUNG FU News --

Planning Committee for Annual Membership Meeting

Since 1996, Tai Chi Youth has been the predominant school of Shaolin Chi Mantis. So all the planning committees and Membership Directors were TCY Volunteers and Board Officers.

Buddha Kung Fu was founded in 2008, after several years of not being able to relaunch Tai Chi Youth with an adequate Board of Trustees. However, we still all need those same functions fulfilled for Buddha Kung Fu.

I'm a one-man operation, and although I manage to coordinate, schedule, and make some of these events happen, they are not successful because of me doing all the work and promotion that really requires at least a dozen people.

I'm confused and frustrated what to do here. These events need to take place, and somehow will, but these events require more administration, volunteers, promotion, and fund raising to make them as enjoyable and successful AND PROFITABLE as they could be.

Perhaps Buddha Kung Fu needs to rely on Tai Chi Youth volunteers, just as Shaolin Chi Mantis relied on Tai Chi Youth volunteers in Utah.

Give me your suggestions.

GRADUATION CEREMONIES of Buddha Kung Fu, Shaolin Chi Mantis, and Tai Chi Youth:

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10. -- TAI CHI News --

YMCA Senior Tai Chi Classes Are Full!

When the YMCA Senior Tai Chi Classes were launched by me in 2004, they were full. That was because I had a Tai Chi Beginner class preceeding them.

Due to politics and competition of instructors, another YMCA teacher got my first time slot at 8:30am forcing me to combine my Tai Chi Beginner and Tai Chi Senior Program into one class.

This was a huge mistake. Most of the Tai Chi Beginner people didn't want to be in a "senior class," and the seniors didn't want to do the kicking and punching exercises in the Tai Chi Beginner program.

Eventually, I lost all the Tai Chi Beginner students and was left with the most adventurous of the seniors.

After two years of only a half-dozen seniors, I removed the kicking and punching and reduced the stretching exercises. Then, the seniors came back.

Now the class is full. We can't fit any more people in the class.

Tai Chi by the TAI CHI BUDDHA:

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11. -- Podcasts, Radio Shows, and Television Interviews of BUDDHA ZHEN --

WHO is Bodhidharma?

Check out the new ZEN BUDDHIST PODCASTS for the Shaolin Zen lessons on our patron saint.


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