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December 2010

TCY Online School = 2011

Buddha Kung Fu, "The school for making Buddhas™,"
was founded in 2008 by Buddha Zhen, using the Northern Shaoiin and Yang Tai Chi curriculums of
his Shaolin Chi Mantis traditional Buddhist Gongfu school.

BKF_eNEWS December 2010
Official newsletter of Buddha Kung Fu

Press Page at

At the bottom of each webpage is a link titled, "Press."

This month's uploaded flyer is our recent "Tai Chi Videos" flyer.

These flyers were posted around Crescenta Valley High School and hundreds of other telephone poles... but no response. Wow. Nobody wants to be a movie star in this neighborhood.

The problem with launching Buddha Kung Fu, Tai Chi Youth, or Shaolin Chi Mantis has really been our location. I originally wanted to live in Burbank. Perhaps that would have resulted in more movie industry contacts.

The air is nice and clean here. We're above and behind the mountains to the East of Burbank, but the people of this community are lazy and unmotivated.

I also believed that if I just had a better school, a storefront that I would have more students, but that has also proven wrong. A prominent Eagle Claw Kung Fu instructor from New York opened a school in Montrose this past year. Two entire store fronts. Big sign, on the main street, Honolulu, and he's only got a dozen students. I was shocked. I thought he'd be much more successful.

But this proves my theory that this was a horrible choice of neighborhoods this past decade. No one can create a successful Kung Fu or Tai Chi school here in the Montrose area.

That's why I need to build the TCY ONLINE SCHOOL. Then I can have students nationwide. It won't matter where the school is located.

Buddha Kung Fu PRESS PAGE: ("Tai Chi Push Hands Tournament" flyer)

1. -- Buddha Kung Fu EVENTS --

Next Event is Founder's Day

I'm an artist. I'm a performer. I love applause. I love attention.

Founder's Day is an exaggerated birthday party for me.

I've cloaked in the disguise of graduations, which gives people more of a reasons and opportunities to make a great event.

I'm a father, and all my students are my children. It makes me proud to pass out certificates and belt rank advancements. So that's a present for me also.



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2. -- HOMEPAGE of Buddha Kung Fu --

Static Page for 2011?

I need to revamp and update the Tai Chi Youth website.

2011 is going to be focused on my relaunching Tai Chi Youth.

I've got a new business plan...

Let me know if you want anything else done to it... your photo...

Buddha Kung Fu HOMEPAGE:

Tai Chi Youth HOMEPAGE:

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3. -- Online Kung Fu and Tai Chi --

TCY Online School = shaolinINTERACTIVE

My plan is to complete the shaolinINTERACTIVE website through Tai Chi Youth.

Join Tai Chi Youth and become part of the new ONLINE SCHOOL.

JOIN Tai Chi Youth:

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4. -- Buddha Kung Fu DEMO TEAM --

Founder's Day = Next Performance

Do we want to create a new show?

When can we schedule some rehearsals?

I think we need to establish a DEMO TEAM CLASS like we had in Utah. Trying to squeeze rehearsals into our classes isn't working well.

Everyone communicate to me several suggested time slots.

BKF Demo Team:

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5. -- BOOKS of Buddha Kung Fu --

Human Values = 4 Books = 4 Years

Being a MIND and body school requires books.

We've already got more bookwork than ANY Kung Fu or Karate school I know of on this planet. Really!

But that's why students of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Buddha Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Youth progress and improve their lives so dramatically. The books without the Kung Fu and Tai Chi wouldn't accomplish as much. The Kung Fu without the books doesn't accomplish as much, I've proven this with our own students.

We have a TAI CHI BOOK SERIES for all our schools:
Tai Chi BEGINNER book
Tai Chi ADVANCED book

We have a KUNG FU BOOK SERIES for all our schools:
Shaolin Kung Fu BEGINNER book
Shaolin Kung Fu INTERMEDIATE book
Shaolin Kung Fu ADVANCED book


This has created a daunting program requiring the reading and passing off of up to 3 books in one semester.

Although it has slowed down graduations, it hasn't really slowed down graduations. Looking back over the last three years, I don't think anyone actually earned their Belt Rank Advancements any earlier than they received them. Because we are a MIND/BODY school, it takes longer to develop the mind than the body. We can hook your body up to a treadmill and increase its potential. But there is no shortcut to enlightenment. Each person has to get the information into their mind then put it to use. This is much more difficult than developing the body.

The rough draft for the book, HUMAN VALUES FOR SUCCESS IN FAMILY AND BUSINESS, has been created, but now that I see how huge this book is, I am reordering it into 4 books to be studied over 4 years.

To do this, I am looking at our Tai Chi Youth bookwork schedule and coordinating the topics and lessons to harmonize with these bookwork lessons from all the above books.

Sound difficult? IT IS. But I'm going to get it done so I can get on with my life. There is so much great wisdom in this book, that I am enlightening myself with every page, every time I reread one. BOOKLIST webpage:

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6. -- MUSIC of Buddha Kung Fu --

Kung Fu Cowboy Album for Christmas Presents

Or you can give the more romantic album, LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME by American Zen.

Or you can give the Tai Chi Magic album...

LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1: King Solomon's Temple by American Zen:

LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me by American Zen:

Tai Chi Magic 1 album by Buddha Zhen:

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7. -- STUFF of Buddha Kung Fu --

Buddha Kung Fu License Plate

Give a license plate for Christmas...

HINT: I still don't have one.


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8. -- Buddhism NEWS --

LEVEL of Love

American Zen's 3rd Level of Spiritual Enlightenment is
LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me.

I am positive, after last month's newsletter, that you have read the entire LEVEL 2 section of the American Zen website at

To do defy your Shifu... it's impossible to consider. So let's continue.

Now that you realize the LEVEL 2 is adding religious concepts to your life, you've realized that humans are the only creatures on Earth who think about life after death, God, Heaven, Hell, immortality...

Religion is the schooling that helps people understand all this. However, like any school, you're supposed to graduate. When religions try to capture, keep and contain you... well, that's where the Christ Killers are swimming like sharks in shallow water.

But you are ready to emerge from the ocean of afterlife concepts. You seek the sunshine and freedom of being on land, feel your feet in the sand, the warmth of the sun... You are ready for LEVEL 3.

LEVEL 3 is the level of LOVE. You love people of any and all religions. You love people of any and all races. You love to love...

LEVEL 3 is the BEGINNING of Buddhism. Buddhism has no religion. Really. It is about love, loving, and being loved.

So go explore LEVEL 3 of American Zen's website. Be free.


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9. -- KUNG FU News --

Tai Chi Youth is Launched

The NEW TCY Board of Trustees has been formed and elected Richard Del Connor as TCY PATRIARCH.

This position is the Executive Director position of Tai Chi Youth. Currently, I'll work for free, but when we get going I'll get a salary...

My first project? The TCY ONLINE SCHOOL.

Help me.


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10. -- TAI CHI News --

Tai Chi Youth Seeks MORE Trustees

Visit Tai Chi Youth website for current list of TCY Trustees.

Help me find some more. I'm asking everyone everywhere....


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11. -- Podcasts, Radio Shows, and Television Interviews of BUDDHA ZHEN --

Funding for Tai Chi Youth

I've gone to the Montrose library and checked out a dozen books for nonprofit management.

As TCY Patriarch, I've got a lot to do. There are a couple other trustees, but they can only contribute an hour or two a week.




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