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April 2010

4 Month Semesters

Buddha Kung Fu, "The school for making Buddhas™,"
was founded in 2008 by Buddha Zhen, using the Northern Shaoiin and Yang Tai Chi curriculums of
his Shaolin Chi Mantis traditional Buddhist Gongfu school.

BKF_eNEWS April 2010
Official newsletter of Buddha Kung Fu

Press Page at

At the bottom of each webpage is a link titled, "Press."

This month I uploaded the flyer used to almost launch the "Tai Chi for Beginners" program in 2-Strike Park.

This program is intended to follow the "Kung Fu Kids" classes. Adults seem more interested in the Tai Chi. Kids seem more interested in the Kung Fu. As you know, all Chinese martial arts could be considered Kung Fu, since we translate "Kung Fu" to be "Time & Energy." In that sense even Karate is Kung Fu--but it's not.

Quick note: KARATE is any of the punching martial arts of Japan, Okinawa, and Korea. KUNG FU is any martial art of China. That's a good starting point to remember. Also, "DOJO," refers to a Japanese/Korean martial arts school, NOT a Kung Fu school. Remembering those points will keep you out of trouble. There are historical prejudices between China / Korea / Japan that us Westerners do not know of, but we need to remember that they exist.

Since the "Kung Fu Kids" and "Tai Chi for Beginners" classes were meant to be taught successively, and the "Kung Fu Kids" program is not going to have enough students... we may terminate the "Tai Chi for Beginners" class despite having a half dozen students. We'll decide next month when we see how many people enroll for the next semester in these classes.

Tell us what you think: these HALF-SIZE flyers seem to be working well. They reduce our costs and people find them easier to fold and stick in their pocket. What do you suggest?

Buddha Kung Fu PRESS PAGE: ("Tai Chi for Beginners" 1/2 page flyer)

1. -- Buddha Kung Fu EVENTS --

Next Graduation is 4th Weekend of May

The May Graduation may seem like a long way away, but if you are not keeping with your Belt Test Approvals, you may run out of time. The weekend before graduation is usually reserved for "retests," so don't wait until then.

"Retests" are free for all students when Belt Testing. There are no grades for your Belt Test. It is either "pass" or "not pass." If you cannot find an open time slot in our classes for a retest, you will have to book a private lesson with the Shifu. Private lessons are $50 per hour for registered students. (Private lessons are $75 per hour for non registered students.) All SCM, BKF, and TCY students who have paid a monthly/semester/annual tuition = "registered students."

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2. -- HOMEPAGE of Buddha Kung Fu --

New Disciple Photos

The new cover page features Disciples Paul and Barry with Buddha Z.

Submit your photos. HOMEPAGE:

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3. -- Online Kung Fu and Tai Chi --

Kung Fu OR Tai Chi

How do you like the way we separated the start of each program?

Although we want students to complete BOTH programs entirely, they each have a separate login, look...

How do you like it?

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4. -- Buddha Kung Fu DEMO TEAM --

Next Demo Team Performance = May Graduation

We need to practice.

Back in the 1990s, our TCY Demo Team, and the preceding SCM Demo Team from the early 1990s, used to have separate practice days or evenings. We used to meet at my Transwest Apartment or on Saturday mornings...

When we use our class time for Demo Team practice--we fall behind in our class readings or...

Let's decide on a time and place to have a weekly Demo Team rehearsal.


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5. -- BOOKS of Buddha Kung Fu --

Park Computers Available on Sundays

This is working out good. Disciples Shawn and Jessica have been using the CV Park computers to catch up on their bookwork so they can get another Blue Stripe on their BKF White Sash.

No, we don't add them to your previous sash. There are several reasons for this, including the courtesy of providing fresh, new, and clean sashes to our seamster. (is that the right word?) Currently, it is a man who sews the stripes on our sashes.

That was another reason we make ALL Belt Rank Fees $50. We have to pay for each stripe sewn, buy a new sash, deliver them, pick them up, make a certificate...

I received a call from someone inquiring about our classes and fees. He told me that the F___ V___ Karate school, who we sometimes perform with charges $850 for the Black Belt Test and other schools charge up to $1,500 for their Black Belt tests. He also said that most Karate schools are charging $175 to $188 per month for classes.

Our classes are currently, $50 for the Kung Fu Bootcamp OR Saturday + Sunday Tai Chi class. (or $75 for both)

Our UNLIMITED FEE is $155 which includes the Kung Fu Bootcamp, Saturday + Sunday Tai Chi classes, Shaolin Kung Fu class, + Shaolin Weapon class. Plus we have discounts...

Buddha Kung Fu DISCOUNTS:

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6. -- MUSIC of Buddha Kung Fu --

Practice Tai Chi Form to "Night Blue Sky" Song

I'm sending this section of the newsletter again. It seems most students DIDN'T try practicing to "Night Blue Sky." Normally when we perform in public, the "Tai Chi Magic" song works really good. The song is fast enough to keep us moving fast enough to keep in interesting to the audience.

I'm not thinking about using this slower song, "Night Blue Sky," for a performance--or am I? It would be a good way for us to sink up slowly if we were being filmed for a movie or in the background of a movie...

SO, practice it on your own. Then, let's try it as a class. It's a little harder going slower, despite what the audience might think.

Here's the information AGAIN:

A musical measure is 4 beats: "One, Two, Three, Four."

Counting the song normally = 111 measures.

The Tai Chi Short Form of SCM = 54 breaths = 108 measures at half-speed (SLOW).

In other words: each measure = half-breath (inhale or exhale) instead of a complete breath per each measure.

To synch with the music we decided to allow the song to have 3 measures of pause at the beginning, then start with an INHALE per "One, Two, Three, Four," and then an EXHALE per "One, Two, Three, Four..."


When the song "Night Blue Sky" starts, COUNT: "ONE, Two, Three, Four -- ONE, Two Three, Four -- ONE, Two, Three, Four -- THEN START the Tai Chi form as mentioned above.

It's really relaxing when you get the hang of it. Just keep counting the "One, Two, Three, Four..." IN YOUR MIND while practicing to the song. There are a couple of pauses in the song, and you want to keep moving and counting...

Tai Chi Magic ALBUM at

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7. -- STUFF of Buddha Kung Fu --

Buddha Kung Fu Shirts Required?

Show some class spirit. Get your BKF shirts.

I got myself a couple short-sleeved BKF shirts.

I got myself 2 BKF sweaters (REALLY NICE!).

I got myself 2 BKF long-sleeved BKF Push Hands shirts.

Follow your Shifu's example.

Buddha Kung Fu at

Tai Chi clothing at

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8. -- Buddhism NEWS --

Happy Birthday Buddha ORIGINAL 1

April 8 is when we celebrate the ORIGINAL Buddha's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Buddha!


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9. -- KUNG FU News --

End of Kung Fu Class Semester #1

The Buddha Kung Fu program uses the same Beginner Program as our parent school, Shaolin Chi Mantis.

Besides the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form of SCM, and the 12 Tantui of SCM, we teach three Shaolin Kung Fu beginner forms:

1. Luohan 1 - taught every January - April semester.

2. Lian Bu - taught every May - August semester.

3. Small Circular Fist - taught every September to December semester.

You don't have to learn them in that order, but if you are a student for one year = you learn all three. But you have to start at the beginning of the semester to learn the form.

This month, April, is the end of the Luohan 1 semester. This is one of the oldest Kung Fu forms in the world. Rick Bucky Wing's book, SHAOLIN 5, has a really good history of Shaolin Kung Fu in it. See what he says.

Graduation Webpage :

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10. -- TAI CHI News --

Belt Test Approvals

Each semester of Buddha Kung Fu has a unique testing requirement for the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form of SCM.

This means that every semester of your 10 semesters of Buddha Kung Fu, you will be required to learn something new and different about your Tai Chi form.

Each Belt Test requirement requires two Belt Test Approvals. You cannot get two approvals for the same requirement in the same day.

Read the instructions ON THE BACK of your BKF Belt Test Approval Sheet, or in your BUDDHA KUNG FU STUDENT MANUAL. These rules are important. If you "NP" (Not Passed) twice, any Belt Test approval = you have to start an entirely new Belt Test Approval Sheet. Make certain that you are ready, prepared, practiced, and warmed up before your Belt Test Approvals. There aren't any grades, just Pass or Not Passed.

BKF Demo Team:

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11. -- Podcasts, Radio Shows, and Television Interviews of BUDDHA ZHEN --

4 Podcasts of Shaolin Records

I would prefer you research these... But here's some more information to answer your questions:

1. Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen - Hosted by Buddha Zhen

Each episode features BZ reading one of the "Buddhism Basics" from the Shaolin Zen "CyberTemple."
This series is nicknamed, "Dharma and a Song," since BZ always features a song at the end of the show by himself, Buddha Zhen, or by American Zen.

2. American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast - Hosted by The Hippy Coyote

Each episode is part of the current BUDDHISM LEVEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT of American Zen.
You should start at the beginning and work your way up, but there are 20 or more podcasts in each LEVEL, and since Coyote is on the 4th LEVEL it was scaring people away to see over 50 podcasts to choose from... so we removed the first couple LEVELS of podcasts. We will either repost them by starting the series of podcasts over, or issue them for sale on DVD. We'll see.

3. The Coyote Poetry Podcast - Hosted by The Hippy Coyote

There aren't as many of these as the American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcasts, also named "Coyote Radio. NET" since that is the web address of them. These are fun and shorter than "Coyote Radio .NET" with Coyote reading a new or old poem on each show and then featuring a song that is related to the poem. This series is nicknamed: "Poem and a Song."

4. Folk Rock Podcast of Shaolin Records - Hosted by The Hippy Coyote

This is an exciting series that includes a bunch of shows by American Zen, but also features shows that showcase other FOLK ROCK BANDS from around the world. These acts are selected from submissions through SonicBids. com

The winning acts chosen for podcasts also get a featured webpage at

Record Producer Website of Richard Del Connor:

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